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Why You Should Attend Women’s Retreat | by Wendy Seelhoff

I am so excited about Women’s Retreat this year! Every year, the retreat offers a unique time for us to get away, refresh and reconnect with each other and with the Lord. This year our theme is “Behind the Curtain, Your Backstage Pass to Authentic Community.” I am passionate about this topic because I believe God has designed us for each other and that we all long for community. Recently a friend said to me, “I’m done looking for community in the church.” Ouch. Think about that for a minute. She doesn’t go to our church, but the message is for us too. You may have heard the mission of Wayzata Free talked about before: Everyone is Welcome, Nobody is Perfect, Anything is Possible. What would it look like if everyone really was welcome?  If the community at Wayzata Free was real, authentic and we actually weren’t afraid to share our imperfections with each other?

I stopped by a friend’s house to drop something off and she threw open the door and invited me in for a minute. Her house was a mess! I felt so honored. It meant she trusted me. She felt safe to share her non-Facebook, Instagram, Sunday morning life with me without fear of judgement. That kind of authentic environment is what we will be working on at retreat. Creating a place where women are able to say to their friends, “Come, see the people that knows all about me and love me anyway!” Jesus said in John 13, “A new command I give you, that you love one another like I have loved you.” When love like that is present, anything CAN happen. It is absolutely transformational. 

Beth Fabel and I will explore how Jesus loved people, how he really saw people as they were and how we can too.  Ladies, the veil is torn. The invitation is out there to go behind the behind the curtain with each other and in intimacy with God. Join us March 6-8 at Whitefish Lodge in Cross Lake, MN. 

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