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Why Do We Do Sabbatical? | by Bruce Droogsma

Updated: Apr 23

A sabbatical leave, as its name suggests, is tied to the idea of Sabbath and rest. A sabbatical is an extended period specifically designated for rest, renewal and enrichment. While the duration of sabbatical leave varies, the concept is consistent in churches around the world. The pastor on leave takes a break from the tasks of ministry and generally does not attend worship services at their own church. They take the opportunity to engage in worship elsewhere where they can simply attend the service and encounter God.

What will sabbatical look like for me? I will be out of the office starting Sunday, April 25 and return on Sunday, June 20. During that time, I will not be attending worship services at Wayzata Free, checking my email or answering phone calls. My sabbatical will focus on three distinct areas: 1) personal rest – time of solitude to seek the Lord and rest with Him. 2) family time - time with my wife and kids. 3) personal development – my "to read" pile is large and needs to be whittled down.

While I am gone, various staff and volunteers will lead the ministry areas. If you have questions please contact the church office.

Thank you, Wayzata Free Church, for the opportunity to go on a Sabbatical. I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family and will be in prayer for Wayzata Free while I am gone.

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