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The Joy of Moving Furniture | by Kevin Meyer

Change is always difficult. Personally, I hate change when I don’t initiate it. Ask my wife.

“Kevin, I think it would look better if we moved the couch over here…”. Almost always my first reaction is: “I don’t think so.” And seldom is it in a sweet tone. Just being real.

Last year when COVID began after a great deal of study and prayer, the Elders said: “Lets move the couch.” Kind of. Really we encouraged the congregation to use the COVID Pause to consider asking Jesus to lead us into the destiny He sees for our church. Through a church-wide survey, focus groups, reports from our consultants as to what God has placed on your heart, through a Season of Listening to God and One Another and after 21 Days of Making Space for God to speak and direct us, we reported back three priorities for our future.

1) Reach our community with the Gospel.

2) Embrace and empower the emerging generations.

3) Do this together. Everyone is valuable to fulfill what God has placed on our hearts.

In February, the Elders shared the first three RESETS to fulfill the three priorities our

congregation sensed critical to our vision and mission.

1) Church Name to match our focus and future.

2) Governance to match our focus and future.

3) Staff and Leadership that matches our focus and future.

Here’s the update on the RESETS.

Church Name: The Elders are seeking Gods heart on some potential names as well working with a professional experienced in re-branding. The next step will be to explain the process and to share with the congregation the process. There will also be some focus groups who will speak into this process. Our goal is to bring a report and recommendation for vote to our church family this coming fall.

Governance: The Elders presented a paper explaining the two positions, Complementarianism and Egalitarianism, which we have been studying before the RESET. There have been two Learning Circle Meetings for those interested and desiring further explanation on the process. The plan has been to take time to listen and then recommend a proposal in May for the June 13 the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Staff and Leadership: Many of you received a letter or heard at a recent church service that we have begun a search for a full-time Executive Pastor. With great gratitude in our hearts, we celebrate the work that Mike Murray has accomplished in a part-time role as the Executive Pastor. The Executive Pastor will be integral as we make transitions with a number of our staff in their early to mid 60’s – myself included.

Clarifying these Priorities and moving through these RESETS are essential for fulfilling the destiny Jesus has for our church family as well as allowing us to make the greatest impact for His Kingdom within our community and throughout the world.

I want to thank each of you for your commitment to Wayzata Free. This past year you have been gracious through a difficult pandemic. You have gladly worn masks, social distanced and registered for Sunday services by complying with the Governor’s regulations. You have also continued to serve, meet in Small Groups, support the church’s ministries, and now many are returning to Sunday services. Thank you!

Now as we move into these RESETS, I encourage all of us to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit and to keep the unity through bond of peace, Jesus.

Here’s some practical points to consider as we seek to keep in step with the Spirit and make changes:

1. Change is part of life. What works now, may not work in the future as the world change. Remember time doesn’t change once. You are sitting where you are because someone said: Let’s renovate the sanctuary. The times are always changing. There will come a day when someone will say: Let’s move the couch.

2. Acknowledge your emotions. When the suggestion to move the couch came up, it was

important that I recognized my feelings. Often our emotional attachment can cloud our

objectivity in terms of what is effective and has ongoing strategic worth. We need God’s

Word and the Holy Spirit so that we can be rightly attached to Jesus and his purposes. Jesus often blesses us the most when we trust Him with getting us through change.

3. Finally, in all we do as we commit to do this together, let’s keep connected to one another in humility and love. Let’s listen. Be patient. Speak kindly. Think the best of each other. And trust one another and God’s leading as we allow Jesus to RESET us to fulfill his priorities.

Did I mention, Let’s move the couch…together.

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