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The Here to There Reset | by Kevin Meyer

This past year we have been on a journey together from Here to There. During this journey, I have shared that in this season of COVID pause, we desire not to return to normal but desire that God reset us. We believe God has a call on our church to serve others in the name of Jesus and to share the Gospel of God’s love to all.

As we have moved from Here to There, we prioritized a season of listening to God and one another through a church-wide survey, focus groups and appointed times of prayer. Most recently we committed to “21 Days of Making Space for God” through a food, negativity and digital fast. By removing distractions, our aim was to be consumed by God’s desire for us individually and as a church. Through you God has spoked and clarified a future focus.

There are three major themes that have surfaced over this past year through the survey, focus groups and times of prayer. You have said:

  • Let’s reach people with the Gospel. The Gospel is the power to save, heal and reconcile the world to God and one another. We will live and share Gospel-centered lives with our world, and specifically our surrounding communities, so that the kingdom of God will reign in and through us.

  • Let’s embrace and empower the emerging generations. We will give focused energy to create and design space so the younger generations will be released to lead our church through their callings and giftings.

  • Let’s do this together. Every generation is valued and necessary to fulfill our focus. We will not get from “here” to “there” without every generation investing our prayer, gifts and resources to this end.

Simply said this is our focus for the future. Together we are committed to live and share the Gospel to every generation with a focus on the younger generations. This is our priority and marching orders from God. We want to impact the emerging generations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With this as our goal, we will begin with three resets. Each of these are intended to remove barriers that may hinder our future effectiveness. The Here to There resets involve a:

  • Church Name to match our focus and future. A name that provides a church-wide identity and vision for both current members as well as those we want to reach in our community.

  • Governance to match our focus and future. A governance that empowers women’s leadership that both aligns with God’s Word and our culture.

  • Staff and Leadership that matches our focus and future. This entails recruiting and releasing the emerging generation into leadership positions.

On Sunday, February 7th, through the morning service and the following Congregational meeting we look forward to further clarifying these resets. Please be in prayer and be a part of this day.

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