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Speak Jesus Series and 21 Days of Making Space for God | by Kevin Meyer

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Speak Jesus | Bringing Jesus into the Conversation

I don’t want this book to end! Those are my thoughts as I move to the final chapters of a book that has touched my heart and captivates any available free time. I just don’t want to put a good book down. I felt the same as we were ending this year-long series on the New Testament book of ACTS.

This January we are at the final chapter – Acts 28. The concluding verse states: Boldly and without hindrance Paul preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.

He spoke about Jesus.

What if we spoke more about Jesus than we did about our problems, our complaints, and even our physical ailments? What if we spoke more about Jesus than our fears and frustrations? What if we spoke more about Jesus than politics? What if we spoke more about Jesus than the Pandemic?

There truly is power in the name of Jesus. This January I challenge you to SPEAK JESUS into your thoughts and conversations. Not annoyingly so, but intentionally and prayerfully. Maybe the very name of Jesus will season our conversations with joy, peace, and hope. Maybe someone will encounter the living and loving presence of God as you speak Jesus to others.

This January our Sunday messages will be focused on this last chapter, particularly the final verses of Chapter 28. Here’s the Good News! You don’t have to put the book of Acts down. The ACTS of God through the Holy Spirit do not end with chapter 28. The Holy Spirit guided Luke to write this book in such a way that every generation adds a new chapter. It literally is the book that never ends. You get to live it and enjoy it till your final breath.

The Importance of Prayer and Fasting as We Speak Jesus

As we speak Jesus, we are also going to call on God through prayer and fasting to fill us with His Holy Spirit so that like Paul and the early church we will SPEAK JESUS with boldness and freedom. We will again this January celebrate together 21 Days of Making Space for God.

We are convinced by God’s Word and through Christ’s example that prayer and fasting connect the natural to the supernatural. Through it, we experience God more deeply and are emboldened to speak Jesus to others more freely.

Prayer is the key ingredient when it comes to people encountering God through Jesus. We must pray before, during and after we tell others about Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Fasting is choosing to remove the distractions, giving the Lord God our full attention and asking him to be at work as we witness to the love and grace of Jesus. Combining prayer with fasting connects the natural to the supernatural.

When believers pray faithfully and fervently (James 5:16) for those outside the kingdom, wonderful things happen. Compassionate prayer for others births in the heart of the intercessor a Christ-like and Christ-engendered love that motivates the believer to reach out and share the Good News that Jesus is King.

Here’s Some Benefits of Prayer and Fasting

Fasting and prayer help to focus your heart on God who alone can release his supernatural power in your life. He will give you wisdom and direction.

Jesus encourages fasting and prayer for deliverance from oppression and evil.

Fasting and prayer breaks the darkness that overwhelms and hinders the nations and defeats the territorial spirit that hinders the activity of God in this world (Daniel 10:13).

God will take our problems as we fast and pray in humility. Our battle becomes God’s battle (2 Chronicles 20:15).

There are a variety of ways you can join the 21 Days of Making Space for God. Make space through setting aside social media or news media or certain foods or whatever it is that takes up space you could give to Jesus.

Join us this year as we look to be filled with God’s empowering presence. Watch for more details on how you can participate in 21 Days of Making Space for God. Let’s do this together – experience more deeply and express more freely the gift of Jesus. Let’s Speak Jesus!

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