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Small Groups in the Quarantine Age | by Bruce Droogsma

Small groups are simply different right now. With the stay-at-home orders and work-from-home orders, how we engage as a church body is completely different and there is no script. Our society has coined some new phrases: “Zoom fatigue” (too many video meetings in a day), “Daytime Pajamas” (the clothes you wear during the day while working from home) and “Zoom wardrobe” (wearing professional business tops with sweatpants).

Small groups, like people, are responding differently. Some groups are thriving.

Attendee Katie Waage told me, “Our bi-weekly marriage small group has almost become a daily marriage small group.”

Many groups are taking advantage of apps and programs like Zoom, Google, GroupMe and MarcoPolo. Others are picking up their phones and calling their community. Primarily people are encouraging each other. In this time of social distancing, those personal connections are vital.

Attendee Renee Putnam‘s group has found it encouraging to, “point out to each other how they are doing a great job staying put (what are they doing instead of just binge-watching TV) and by noticing those great ideas and applauding them.”

In a quick, informal poll sent to all small group leaders (if you didn’t get it, let Bruce know so he can add you to the list) some great data came out:

We started some new “digital small groups” for those who are not in a small group but would like to join one right now. If you are struggling in this time of isolation, join a group! We would love to help you get connected. The hope we have for our small groups is that they would help you connect with the Lord and with our church body.

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