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SIGN-ificant: The Passion | by Kevin Meyer

Whether you know it or not, you're a passionate person. Whether you show it or not, you really are a passionate person. Something strikes a chord in your heart above others. What are you passionate about?

While you're thinking, here are a few passions common to many. Maybe one will resonate.

Music. A song can put a smile on your face, inspire you and in some cases cause you to move your body. You know, dance. My 20-month-old grandson just can't help but move when he hears "Baby Shark." Pope Francis loves to tango. Music moves the heart.

Food. I would say our nation is obsessed with this passion. Cooking shows have been on the rise. People don't flock to the State Fair for Machinery Hill. They go for the nutritious food!

Exercise. This is another national passion or at least a passion people like to say they are passionate about. Fitness places can be found on nearly every corner. Some are even designing workout spaces within their workplaces.

Gardening. Yes, in just a few weeks all kinds of passionate gardeners will begin preparing for another season of tilling the ground, planting, pruning, weeding, weeding and weeding. Did I say weeding? After all that work, they finally gather the fruit of their passion.

Animals. We love our animals. We spend $72 billion dollars per year on our pets which more than the gross domestic product of 39 of the poorest countries in the world. We are passionate about animal care and welfare. We volunteer at shelters or rescue operations in times of crisis.

What do you think Jesus was passionate about? You! Jesus loved people. Rich people, poor people, young people, old people, healthy people, sick people, good people and no so good people. Jesus loves you. He's passionate about you. He wants you to truly live. Jesus said: I have come that you - all people - might have life and have it abundantly. - John 10:9. He also said just days before his death, For I did not come to judge this world, but to save it - John 12:47. He was so passionate about us and loved us so much that he died to save us from our selfishness and sin. He sets us free from the desires that destroy us. Jesus was passionate for us to experience all the goodness of God around us. Passions like music, food, exercise, gardening, animals or whatever our passion may be. Jesus died that we might live. Jesus also gave us this new command so that we might truly love. Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another - John 13:34. That's how people will know that you are passionate about what Jesus is passionate about. People. You!

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