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Reset: A Timeline for Getting from ‘Here To There’ | by Kevin Meyer

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

There was an advertisement that declared: The Pause that Refreshes. This COVID ‘Pause’ has given us a divine opportunity to ‘reset’ our focus as a church. This is a critical time to refresh and reset.

Nancy Moore, our church consultant, shared the results of our church survey on Sunday, September 27. I encourage you to watch the Livestream presentation (starts at 08:36). In Nancy’s presentation she said: Wayzata Free is in TRANSFORMATION. That’s a really good place to be. Yet about 40% are on the fence with regard to Overall Satisfaction and 37% are on the fence with regard to Overall Energy. There is a great opportunity here to engage the energy of the entire church toward a new future. Our prayer is that this is not merely a ‘pause’ during this pandemic where we eventually return to normal, but through this time Jesus will ‘reset’ our church. Let’s fulfill our vision to imagine a church that does whatever it takes to serve the west metro in the name of Jesus. And let’s pray that Jesus fills us with power to do "immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine." (Ephesians 3:20).

With a clear assessment of where we are (through a professional survey and by taking time this fall and winter to listen to God and one another), we desire to discern God’s voice through His people and then provide a clear picture of the future that God is calling us to as a church. Let’s together engage our energy and move from HERE (where we are) to THERE (where God is calling us). Let’s pray: Reset us Jesus to be and do all you have called us to be and do.

Here’s a look at a timeline so that God can reset us to fulfill His purposes.

June-September 2020: You’re Here!

Church Survey Assessment

  • Congregational Survey – June

  • Results of Survey to Staff/Elders – July/August

  • Results of Survey to Congregation – September 27

October 2020-January 2021: Where’s There?

Listening to God and one another

  • Focus Groups with Consultant Nancy Moore – October/November

  • Enjoy Christmas – December

  • Prayer and Fasting - January

February: Here’s There.

Sharing what we heard and where God is leading us.

  • Sunday Messages

Why we can’t stay “here”.

What “there” looks like.

  • Congregational Meeting

March-May, 2021: Mapping There.

Elders and Staff will work through the annual strategy process for 2021 (MYMaP)

  • Series of meetings setting goals, strategies and plans.

Fall 2021: Getting There…On our way.

Look for opportunities to share the dreams and desires Jesus has placed in your heart for the ministry God’s Spirit is creating in and through us. Be a part of the conversation as we listen to God and one another in these coming months. Pray. Participate. And let’s see God do great things!

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