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Remembering How He Saved Us | by Christina Dunnewind

Holy Week Devotional: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Exodus 12:14-30

Exodus 12 is the heart of the salvation story for God’s people. It is the moment where God punishes those who steal life and joy from His people, and offers freedom for them through the blood of a lamb. Over and over again God says, “celebrate this as a feast.” In fact, God says it six times in verses 14-30 and the seventh time it is mentioned He says, “When you enter the land the Lord has promised, you will continue to observe this ceremony,” and communicate it to the next generation. (v. 25)

But what exactly are we celebrating? The Israelites celebrated the day the blood of a spotless lamb “touched” their dwelling, and saved them from physical death. As followers of Jesus, we celebrate how the blood of Jesus “touches” our lives, and saves us from spiritual death. The Hebrew word for “touch” used in verse 22 is interesting. It is used 150 times in the Old Testament, and almost always refers to something that brings death or life. It is used to describe how God “touches” Pharoah with plagues. Throughout Leviticus it is used when people touch something unclean (like something dead or diseased). But it is also used when God Himself touches someone to make them right before Him, like when God touches a coal to Isaiah’s lips and says, “Now your guilt is removed and your sins are forgiven.” (Isaiah 6:7)

Practical Application: Let’s remember to celebrate the beautiful touch of Jesus in our lives! How can we do this? One way is by celebrating communion, as we are asked to do by Jesus. You don’t need to be at church to do that. You can sit with bread and wine/juice at your own kitchen table, remembering how Jesus died for you. What a beautiful moment shared just between you and Jesus! Another way to celebrate is to “touch” others with His love. In the Old Testament, the priests applied the blood of the sacrifice to people, so they would be touched by the blood and made right with God. 1 Peter 2:9 says that we are now a “chosen people, a royal priesthood.” As we pray for people, we can ask God to cover them with the blood of Jesus and make them right with Him. When we talk about what God has done inside of us, and love people with His grace, we “touch” them with His blood and celebrate again what He has done for us.

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