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Reconciled & Restored | Testimony from the Counseling Ministry

For 20 years I was riding the rollercoaster of my husband’s drinking and whatever his emotions would be that day. With the constant anger, verbal and emotional abuse I fell deeper into sadness. When my husband told me he would rather continue drinking than be married to me I felt like my world was over. Counseling at WFC was my last hope in healing my marriage. In God’s perfect timing, the counselors, Dick Augustine and Beth Swiontkowski, called and my healing began.

I had been holding on to so much pain from the turmoil in our marriage that it was affecting my health and I made the decision to leave my husband. With the craziness of 2020, leaving my marriage, and losing my job, I was at the bottom. Even through all of this, God was healing me and giving me heightened discernment of the next step. Part of this was knowing in my heart that Dick and Beth truly cared about me and my family and were praying for us.

Every session began and ended with Dick and Beth praying. I could feel the Holy Spirit and God’s love in our conversations. Our Father, healed my back pain of 20+ years along with several other body issues and filled me with love, peace and joy. This healed my heart and how I looked at my husband. Abba’s words to me were to “just love him”. When I just loved my husband, his anger disappeared. My husband’s heart softened and there is peace in our household for the first time in 20 years! We now have a consistent and loving marriage. God showed me that love is truly more powerful than anything and to trust His plan no matter what! He can turn all ashes into beautiful!

God rescued me from the slimy pit and filled me with His love, peace, joy and truth! I am extremely thankful for Dick and Beth and all they have done! They are amazing workers in God’s kingdom!

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