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Learning Circles | by Bruce Droogsma

Let's just say it: 2020 was a weird year. One thing I learned was that I need to maintain an open and inquisitive posture. I need to be open to hearing and listening. That is not always easy but I can think of no better place than the church to be vulnerable with others. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, people in our church got together to talk, to read, to listen and to seek God around the topic of racism and a Christian response. They called their group a learning circle and I loved the name and have shamelessly stolen it. The name speaks to what it is.

Learning - We maintain an open posture. We do not assume we are the experts on everything. We maintain humility.

Circle - This is not a one way dialog or lecture. This is a conversation and I face it and each person in the conversation.

Since then, we have had learning circles on a variety of topics: race, LGBT+ in the church and finances. This month we are launching one called OT Flyover (an Old Testament Overview). These are short-term, small groups focused on a specific topic. Most will disband after the time commitment is past, others may grow into ongoing small groups that focus on the same topic or simply decide to continue to walk a journey together. The OT Flyover group (and the soon to come NT Flyover) seeks to see the big picture of scripture. If you have always wondered "why" when reading the Old Testament, this is the group for you. Bring your questions. When we get the big picture, the grand story, it helps us to understand why God did what He did and why it is in the Bible. If you have an idea for a learning circle you would like to facilitate, please let me know how I can help you get it going.

Whether you start a new topic, join a learning circle or simply dive into deep and authentic dialog in your existing small group, I pray that 2021 brings us all closer to God and to each other.

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