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January 2021: 21 Days of Making Space for God

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Tis‘ the season for New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure how many have energy to make plans after a year where no one could plan. So let’s do something quite simple: open our hearts to the plans Jesus desires for us.

We believe this COVID pause may be God’s way of slowing us down, not so that we can merely return to normal, but so that he might reset us with his desires and plans. As I said in a message recently, Let’s quit asking God to bless our story. Let’s both individually and together as a church invite God to write His story through us.

As we move closer to God’s reset, we want to take 21 days to seek God’s heart with our whole heart. We want to make space for God by eliminating and reducing those things that distract us and consume us. There are three ways you can participate.

Food Fast: Eliminate or reduce sweets, carbs, alcohol, or whatever you choose.

Negativity Fast: Eliminate or reduce sources of negativity that cause strife and division.

Digital Fast: Eliminate or reduce digital sources that consume our time and selves.

The goal in each of these is to make space and give attention to God so that you can sense his desires and hear his voice. You can choose to do one of these for three weeks (21 days) or choose to a different one each week. Whatever you choose to do, would you consider doing something no matter how long as an expression of our unified heart before the Lord.

We are excited to see how the Lord speaks and leads us.

When: January 10-31. We will end with Communion together on Sunday, Jan. 31st.

More info: We are putting together 3 podcasts to help explain each initiative and there will be handouts available with more details on each of these ideas.

Our Prayer: Jesus, we intentionally are making space in our life so that you might fill us with your Presence, desires and plans In the midst of many negative voices calling to us every day we will make room to be influenced by your Voice through listening prayer and treasuring your Word. We want to be living sacrifices consumed by you and not by digital data that fills our hearts and minds. We put ourselves in a place to listen to be guided by your desires, to hear your Voice; to walk according to your Word and to love through the amazing gift of your Spirit.

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