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Highlights of Praying, Fasting, and Scripture Reading 2020 | by Andrea Hebeisen

The beginning of 2020 at Wayzata Free was full of God's blessings. Children, parents, and grandparents, totaling 150 people, participated in our Scripture Reading from January 5 to January 8.

Uninterruptedly, we read the entire Bible in 79 hours with the help of 20 four-hour-shift leaders that coordinated the reading process. Many of our church families participated in a three-day-fast to deepen our dependence on God and His word. A college student fasted from food for 3 days for the first time. Many who had never fasted before tried it for the first time as well.

Here are some testimonies we received:

"Reading together increases our unity as a church each time we do it. I was proud to hear my children read the Word aloud."
"A 3 day fast was a new experience for me. Reading the Word out loud together has been phenomenal."
"I was moved to tears as I thought about David and Jonathan and how God’s Word connects us with believers who lived so long ago."
"I felt like I was honoring the Lord in a deep way. While reciting His words, there were times when passion bubbled up inside me, and I felt it wasn't my voice, but rather the Holy Spirit speaking through me. I was deeply moved."
"I am grateful for this experience and the 3 day fast. I am sure I would not have done either, excepting through the organization and encouragement by you and all of our church leaders. Thank you. I ask that our church continue with these deep God-encountering experiences. I am sure there were many impacted. May God use these experiences to make a difference in individual lives and for our body of believers."

We broke the fast on Wednesday, January 8th followed by an art performance by author and poet, Tanner Olson of Written to Speak.

170 people joined the evening and enjoyed the time listening to each other's fasting experience as well as Tanner's show.

We were excited to see God's hand in the entire process and look forward to seeing what He is going to do in the year of 2020!

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