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Good Summer Reads/Baptism Celebration | by Kevin Meyer

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Island, Hurricane Season, The Coldest Case, Double Bind…are all stories to keep you entertained this summer. Publisher’s Weekly calls them ‘Good Summer Reads’.

Well, this summer let me introduce you to some great reads. Beginning in July come hear a story from the Bible that is not only entertaining but challenging and thought-provoking. Stories like Satan and the Fallen Angels or The Double-Minded Father of our Faith or Habakkuk, the Complainer and A Teenager who Saved a Nation.

These are just a few stories from the Bible’s Bestseller’s List. I hope you will join our Good Summer Reads "book club" every Sunday in July. See you Sundays at 10 am!


There are a couple of celebrations that I love being a part of as a pastor. Both have to do with celebrating new life! The joy of dedicating children and praying for God’s involvement in their life is such a privilege.

There is another celebration of life that I also love to share with our church family. It also revolves around new birth. Standing with a person who publicly declares to the world their new life in Jesus through baptism brings great joy to my heart.

Sai Wang, the Director of our Chinese Ministry at our church, shares about her own experience.

"My baptism at Baker Park in 2017 was a very special experience. God was at work in so many different ways that day. My mother happened to be in Minnesota that summer and she witnessed my baptism. This is what happened from her perspective: It was around sunset when it was my turn to get baptized. Everything was shining- the sun, water, and those who wore white clothes. A group of people stood afar on the grass and started to sing a hymn together, like angels! My mom said she couldn't find a better phrase other than 'holy' to describe the scene. As for me, I just remembered the lake had God's glory. The moment when I was raised from the water and looked up at the clear blue sky, I had the vision in my mind that God was smiling at me. He delighted in me! It marked my new life in Christ and I thank God for that beautiful day He adopted me into His kingdom and let my beloved mom share the memory with me."

If you haven’t openly and publicly declared your faith in Jesus through baptism, please pray and ask the Lord if now is the time to take that next step of trust and obedience. It is a ‘holy’ experience and a gift God wants you to enjoy.

Please contact Dee Sandberg at and take your next step of faith. Join us and celebrate baptism on Wednesday, August 4, at 6:30 pm at Baker Park.

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