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Broken Beyond Repair? | Testimony from the Counseling Ministry

About a year ago, adultery broke our marriage, and we were at a crossroads.

Do we stay together or end our marriage? We knew we loved each other but was that enough?

We knew we needed Christian Bible-based counseling and were encouraged to reach out to the counseling ministry at Wayzata Free Church. We were blessed to meet with Dick Augustine and Beth Moorhead. The involvement of having both of us, as well as a male and a female counselor, at each session was beneficial. We can happily say that through prayer, guidance, and tools we were given, our marriage of 42 years is saved. Our counseling sessions taught us the importance of communication, intimacy, and the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. We are confident that our marriage and love for each other are stronger than ever.

Thank you isn’t enough. We will forever be grateful for the counseling services WFC and our Christ-centered counselors provide. We give our praises to God!

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