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BETTER TOGETHER | by Kevin Meyer

There’s something missing from many of our efforts and church strategies. We understand the great commission; and we believe in the great commandment; but we have forgotten Jesus’ challenge of the great collaboration in John 17 that we are to do the mission “Together!”*

COVID was tough. Many were isolated - families from one another, students from in-person classrooms, worship services via Livestream. We learned a fairly simple truth: We are better together.

This past year we paused, listened to God and one another and made some ‘Resets’. Our desire was not to return to normal, but see God through us do more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph. 4:20). That’s the key: through us. Together. For we learned well this past year.

We are better together.

As we return this fall, we are not planning to hunker down and get by till ‘things are normal’. We will continue to be wise and measured in these difficult times, but we will together expect God to do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine. Just imagine…a church…a community of Jesus follower’s that does whatever it takes to serve the West metro in the name of Jesus.

On a recent trip I met a girl named Izzy. She had a soft heart and a wounded spirit. She grew up in a broken family and has spent many years alone. She moved to the west where it is expansive and beautiful. Izzy is often alone in this easy-to-live isolated wilderness. As we talked and I shared my family dysfunction and personal sin, another young guide slowly let her canoe drift closer. She was listening as well. Sarah was another young adult who found it easier to journey alone due to a tough upbringing. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if they had experienced a loving family. What if they had stumbled upon a healthy a community of people, a church family, who lived the love of Jesus – together.

The pain of loneliness has crippled a staggering number of people. Every generation feels it. Many live with a huge hole in their heart. The void is obvious. There are few recorded moments in history where people need to be together as today. There are people all around us who need your love, your prayers, your kindness and even merely your smile. We want to be that family…that church…that loving community where ‘everyone is welcome’, ‘nobody is perfect’ and ‘anything with Jesus is possible’.

This fall join us. Be together. Bring others together with you. Commit to a Small Group and invite someone to be together with you. Join a Learning Circle, but not alone. Serve with others. You can do so much more together.

Pray to Jesus with all your heart, but find times to pray together with others. There are so many opportunities to do so. Just contact the Prayer Force.

And the most important ‘together’ is an intimate relationship with God. Find time to be

together with God your Father. Worship God with all your heart through your everyday life. But remember, even worship was not meant to be a solo activity. Join together weekly with your church community…whether masked up or not…and experience the incredible joy and vitality of worshipping together.

I’m so looking forward to inviting others to be a part of a community that loves Jesus and experiences the richness of being better together.

*David Ferguson, Together as a Family, Exponential Blog

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